Christmas Day Tudor Style

Attendance at mass was a must whether you were rich or poor, religion was a serious business and observance of the holy days and a reverence of the holy family would ensure you a comfortable afterlife. Once their duties to God were performed the Tudor citizen could then enjoy the day as their status befitted. If you lived in the country (as did most) you would probably … Continue reading Christmas Day Tudor Style

Hampton Court Palace: a Glimpse of Tudor and Georgian Tapestries

For centuries tapestries were used as a decorative status symbol at royal courts. They were emblematic of the power and grandeur of the royal house and offered a luxury that few could afford. Tapestries were a sumptuous demonstration of status and their exorbitant price reflected the skill and materials needed, such as gilt and silk, to make such works of art. Easily transportable they would … Continue reading Hampton Court Palace: a Glimpse of Tudor and Georgian Tapestries

The Replacement Kings

Kings Henry VIII, Charles I and George V ruled over England and Wales, and later Scotland and Ireland, during times of momentous change for the country. But they were all second sons and not trained for kingship from birth. Their elder brothers had predeceased their fathers, Kings Henry VII, James I and VI and Edward VII, meaning they replaced their brothers in the royal line … Continue reading The Replacement Kings