Hampton Court Palace: A Look up to the Ceiling

This weekend I made a return visit to Hampton Court Palace.

I’ve said it before that I’m lucky to live so close to so many of London’s historic venues.

Ceiling inside West Gate (Main Entrance)

I walked through the portcullis at the West Gate to enter Base Court and happened to glance up at the ceiling and the above picture is what I saw.


Looking up at the ceiling became a feature of this visit.


The room housing the Henry VIII portrait by Hans Holbein in the Cumberland Art Gallery not only had a beautiful ceiling, it had a pretty impressive frieze.

It was not just ceilings in the Cumberland Art Gallery

In the Georgian apartments (below) there are wonderful trompe l’oeil effect ceilings that draw the eyes upwards.

The ceiling of the State Bedchamber


The Great Hall of Henry VIII is covered by a hammer-beam roof. This space was used by Shakespeare’s company, who performed for King James I and VI Christmas and New Year 1603-4.

The Great Hall
The ceiling of the Great Hall


Below is the Great Watching Chamber’s ceiling in Henry VIII’s apartments, Hampton Court Palace.

The Great Watching Chamber
The ceiling of the Great Watching Chamber

King's Staircase

Above is the stunning King’s Staircase by Italian artist Antonio Verrio, leading to William III’s apartments. Below is the Queen’s Staircase that is equally decorated.





Hampton Court Palace

Images author’s own


17 thoughts on “Hampton Court Palace: A Look up to the Ceiling

  1. Those ceiling are just beautiful!! The craftsmanship!!! I watched the series The Tudors over the winter and the sets were supposed to be historically accurate but they didn’t do well showcasing the ceilings. Of course, nothing could compare to the real thing!!

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  2. Absolutely stunning.
    Just the other day, I was out with some friends and we realized that not many people often look up to see the ceiling. They can be so amazing, yet often end up being overlooked.

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