HistorianRuby is Two-Years-Old!

Saturday 2 June is my 2 year blogging anniversary! HistorianRuby has now published 93 articles! Have I favourites? Yes. You can’t help feeling more for the posts that you have put your heart and soul into for a period of research and I have many where I’ve immersed myself into the study of the topic and this passion is somehow conveyed in the writing. When … Continue reading HistorianRuby is Two-Years-Old!

Pictures of History: Alnwick Castle

Welcome to my new series! Over the years I’ve visited many historical sites and snapped lots of photos alongside other visitors, but I’ve been loath to share my experiences since time has passed and exhibits may have changed. However, feedback from other bloggers said I was wrong, therefore I thought my readers would enjoy seeing some of my favourite pictures from my exploits around the … Continue reading Pictures of History: Alnwick Castle

Harry Potter: A History of Magic – the Exhibition

Harry Potter: A History of Magic exhibition at the British Library, for those that don’t know – a stone’s throw from King’s Cross Station, has been open since 20 October 2017 and will close 28 February 2018. It celebrates the twenty years since the release of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Photography is prohibited, as it is at many institutions that house … Continue reading Harry Potter: A History of Magic – the Exhibition