The Kelpies

As a new monument I’ve questioned whether The Kelpies should be on my history blog. But working on the premise that yesterday is history and indeed, in twenty years’ time this monument should still be drawing visitors, it’s made the cut. The Kelpies are a landmark feature of The Helix Environmental Regeneration Scheme on the Forth and Clyde Canal near Falkirk, Scotland. Designed by sculptor … Continue reading The Kelpies

The Victorian Fluted Pillar Box in England

On a day out in Windsor, accompanied by my husband, we came across a Doric fluted Victorian pillar box, situated just over the river Thames at Eton. I stopped to take the obligatory photograph. I was taken with its elegance, which was enhanced by gilding around the cap which highlighted the words ‘Post Office’, the crown and the royal VR (Victoria Regina) cipher. I shared … Continue reading The Victorian Fluted Pillar Box in England

The Hidden History of British Post Boxes

For 160 years we have been posting our mail into pillar, wall and lamp boxes, but how many of us actually look at the box in which we post our mail?  Do we pay attention to the royal ciphers that denote the age of the box?  Or know the impact of momentous historical events that directly affect the letter boxes on our streets?  Post boxes, … Continue reading The Hidden History of British Post Boxes