Pictures of History: Alnwick Castle

Welcome to my new series! Over the years I’ve visited many historical sites and snapped lots of photos alongside other visitors, but I’ve been loath to share my experiences since time has passed and exhibits may have changed.

However, feedback from other bloggers said I was wrong, therefore I thought my readers would enjoy seeing some of my favourite pictures from my exploits around the country! This series is primarily a photo blog and textual histories will be limited, where possible I will link to an official website for those who wish to explore further.

Alnwick Castle and Gardens in Northumberland, England, is one of the best places I have had the pleasure of visiting and I can highly recommend it for all the family. It has been the home of the Percy family for over 700 years and is steeped in history.

Alnwick Castle 6
The entrance to the Poison Garden

Not only does Alnwick Castle have a stunning pleasure garden, I suppose it does help that I visited on one of the hottest days of the year, it also has a world famous Poison Garden containing deadly plants that you can peruse only on a ticketed guided tour.

Alnwick 8
Plants caged for your protection

The Poison Garden was my main draw to Alnwick as I’d studied poisoning crimes for my undergraduate dissertation and was itching to visit for about three years.

Alnwick 7

The modern pleasure garden was a delight on a hot summer’s day with plenty of space to explore.

Alnwick Castle 2
Alnwick Castle

The Castle resides in Alnwick in the beautiful Northumberland countryside.


Alnwick has been hugely popular as a setting for film and TV and fans of Downton Abbey and Harry Potter may recognise it! One of the activities on offer for children is broomstick training, just like the students of Hogwarts in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

Alnwick Castle 5


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Images author’s own.

26 thoughts on “Pictures of History: Alnwick Castle

  1. We went in a very cold day and only had time for one thing so chose the Castle. I’ll need to go back for the gardens. Re comment above, it was indeed the Castle used in the very first Black Adder.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I did the same with Hever Castle – but that was because it was later in the afternoon. I want to go revisit it.
      I did not know that about Blackadder, but then the first series is the one I’m most unfamiliar with.


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