To Find the ‘Write’ Word!

I like words.  I’ve been an avid reader since primary school and will often pick up a word not in my general vocabulary from reading or TV and then use it in a sentence.  It’s a personal challenge that I still employ today in the workplace.  I would come across words not part of my general lexicon during my undergraduate degree; for example, paradigm, abortifacient, … Continue reading To Find the ‘Write’ Word!

The Man-Midwife in the 18th Century

Midwifery in the eighteenth-century was transformed from a female-centric activity, with cultural and ritualistic practices, to an environment which saw the customary hegemonic female midwife relinquish her control of the lying-in chamber to the man-midwife.  With the exception of dire emergencies, childbirth before the eighteenth century traditionally precluded men during the processes of labour, delivery and lying-in. Lying-in lasted a month post-childbirth and was devoted … Continue reading The Man-Midwife in the 18th Century