A Blogging Experiment and a Domain Name

In the last six months my blog has grown gaining many new readers and (I assume) some of my original 40-odd followers are no longer blogging. Indeed, initially enthusiastic, after three months I failed to blog for fourteen whole months! But I had a couple of early posts that proved popular with internet searches and thus my blog was not exactly dormant (even though I was).

So now a veteran of six whole months of blogging at least once a week – and since February two or three times a week – I can analyse my blog stats. One thing I notice when posting content from week to week is that rarely the older articles are selected to read. If  they are it is because they are located by a search engine and not the WordPress Reader.

I’ve several posts that are regularly read via that route and if I’ve learned anything to share with other bloggers it is to keep your titles simple, for it is my belief that it is the simple titles that search engines locate. For example, if you are looking for information about man-midwives in the eighteenth century, your search term will be something like, ‘man-midwife 18th century’.  My post, whenever I’ve tried it on other computers, usually is top three! Its title? The Man-Midwife in the 18th Century.

To promote interest in other content I began hyperlinking blogs in other posts although that doesn’t guarantee that they will be read but at least a series of posts can be viewed in order if required.

So when KaylaAnn wrote her Blogging Tip: Re-use Old Content (5th April 2018) I read with interest and even commented that my one and only attempt at re-blogging, when I had decided to recommit to the HistorianRuby blog, had given me three whole views!

Yesterday, without a post ready – work has been busy – I tried again.

My Blogging Experiment

I chose a post that I have great faith in, I like it, but I think the original title was not attractive (or clickable).

It was the second of a two-parter, the first being Digital v Physical Archives: a Personal Account, Part 1 and the second entitled Digital v Physical Archives: a Personal Account, Part 2. Whilst the first post is relatively popular and contains a lot about my family history research, the second covers what some may view as less exciting academic research and has a meagre sixteen views in total, even after hyperlinking it in other posts and sharing on Community Pool.

This time I edited it to remove any reference to the first-parter and retitled it Using Archives for Academic Research, reflecting its content of my adventures in archives whilst studying for my history degree. I added one or two sentences and re-sized the photos.

After 24 hours it has twenty-one views. Not fantastic, compared to some of my viewing stats, but my blog has had a fairly quiet couple of weeks, however, it has beaten the original view statistics that were achieved over a twenty-two month period! That to me, proves my experiment a success!


Six months after my blogging adventure restarted I have now bought my domain name, HistorianRuby is now a dot com!

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you historianruby.com and you are welcome.





19 thoughts on “A Blogging Experiment and a Domain Name

  1. Hey, congratulations!! I’ve noticed this month has been dreadfully slow for me! The community pool has been down for a few weeks, if that’s one avenue to generate views. Also, I’ve never had any luck on reposting either. I always look forward to your posts! I know I’m behind on a few, but look forward to yours whenever I see them and have free time! 🙂 ~Kelsey

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    1. I have definitely missed the Community Pool, however, I’ve noticed more about my stats in the last couple of weeks, probably because they are more visible and I haven’t had my routine of reading blogs I don’t follow on a Monday and Tuesday. 🙂

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  2. Nicely done!! It took over 2 years of 5-7 posts a week blogging for me to purchase my domain, so you are far ahead of me. As for re-posting old content, I’m not so much a fan as I do tend to go back and read all of the older posts when I discover a blog. I think some people have a talent for it though, and it really works for them!!

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    1. Thanks. I’d set a target for March and didn’t do it. And then I was ‘forced’ as WordPress offered a 30% spring sale! And it made it quite cheap!
      My first attempt at a re-blog coincided with Black History Month, but considering my readership was probably zilch at that point, no wonder it didn’t do well. (It is still the original post that people read!).
      Several months ago when I asked for advice on the original Digital v Physical archives, and I posited the question about the title, one blogger advised me to repost with a new title. I don’t want my blog filled with repeated content so I suppose I won’t be trying it again anytime soon, but if it does give a post that I like more exposure then it has been worth it.


  3. I am so excited for you! Buying my own domain name is my dream & I do see some great tips in this latest blog of yours! Fingers crossed Ruth!

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  4. well done for getting your .com makes you feel like you belong more, I know what you mean about being slow I have just looked and yes mine has too, I have been blogging since january this year, thanks to my daughter otherwise I wouldn’t have started it let alone known about it, and there are times it has been very busy and recently very quiet, but I know what you mean about Community Pool, that is a good place to link up with other bloggers, I enjoy reading all your histories that you find, it must take you ages to get all the information together, I try to blog as much as I can, sometimes I miss a day and do notice it, had a look and I have 64 followers now which I am very chuffed about, keep writing as I look forward to seeing what else you find out

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    1. Thanks 🙂
      I’m researching three or four posts at the moment but I keep flitting from one to the other! I do enjoy the journal/lifestyle blog and look forward to reading your updates, so keep up the good work. 🙂


  5. Congratulations on your domain. I am debating whether or not to get one now or wait, but I think it will be sooner rather than later because of how popular homesteading is becoming as a subject in general. I look forward to your new posts and even the older ones I haven’t seen before. I have a deep love of history and everything old. (That’s probably why I live in a 100 year old house instead of a newer home)
    I will have to make a note of recycling older posts as I continue along my blogging adventure. I hope I don’t have a long lapse in posting. I am trying really hard to post at least once a week and so far, so good. 😊
    Have a fabulous week.


  6. CongratZ on your own domain name.
    I really enjoy reading your blog related recommendations (i.e. post titles). I need to keep this in mind.
    How was your transition to historianruby.com? I mean, a lot of people seem to have technical issues with WordPress. I’m wondering if yours went smoothly.
    The sales really are tempting. I’m thinking about a Christmas present for myself.

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    1. The transition was almost immediate. I expected something to happen, but nothing did! I had to verify my email that’s all. And it was really cheap. I went for the personal plan, the first option – I’m not selling anything and I thought I could upgrade when and if needed. It’s an annual fee £36.00 with 30% discount so I paid a little over £25.00.
      As for the titles it seems bonkers but I’m getting daily search engine hits.
      I would suggest it is better getting a pre Christmas present to yourself – otherwise your renewal fees would be due each Christmas! 🙂

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      1. Oh, good point with the renewal fee timing. I’ll have to think about that. The cost seems pretty reasonable for the “Personal”. I feel like I want plugins, and they are only available in the “Business” plan. So I’m torn a bit.
        I’m glad your transition was smooth.

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  7. A simple engaging title can make all the difference – this I knew. But the experiment about removing the two-parter and making both stand alone, that was interesting!
    Good luck on your blogging ventures. I too blog rather infrequently.

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