Norwich Cathedral and the Grave of Edith Cavell

Friday 12 October was the 103rd anniversary of the death of Edith Cavell. Edith was executed during the First World War for helping allied soldiers escape German-occupied Belgium. She is rightly seen as a heroine who sacrificed herself for the greater good of her country. You can read my anniversary post about her here.

Edith’s body was repatriated after the war and buried in Norwich Cathedral, Norfolk, England.

Quite out of my control, work sent me to Norwich this week! This meant a trip to the to visit Edith’s grave and to explore the grounds of Norwich Cathedral.

Edith’s grave was prominently re-sited and re-dedicated in May 2016 after a 2014 grant from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport to restore the site in the build-up to the 100th anniversary of her death in 2015.

Just outside of the cathedral grounds . . .


Photos author’s own



6 thoughts on “Norwich Cathedral and the Grave of Edith Cavell

    1. Definitely the grave – it was my intention to visit. I like the new setting which is classic in the style of a war grave monument, but also modern and fresh with the little garden around it. Opposite the grave is a beautiful house, possibly gothic style, but I didn’t photograph it as I presumed it was someone’s (a clergyman’s?) home.


    1. It’s very striking. When you think that there are more statues of men called John than non-royal women in the UK it really highlights and emphasises the importance of her acts to wartime Britons.

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