To Find the ‘Write’ Word: Revisited

This post was written after my blogging hiatus. I had the idea for a week or two and then struggled to get the words onto [virtual] paper. However, I persevered and finally completed a finished article that wasn’t a re-blog or a sharing of an academic piece. HistorianRuby was back in business! I’ve had some more fun with words over recent weeks – I heard … Continue reading To Find the ‘Write’ Word: Revisited

To Find the ‘Write’ Word!

I like words.  I’ve been an avid reader since primary school and will often pick up a word not in my general vocabulary from reading or TV and then use it in a sentence.  It’s a personal challenge that I still employ today in the workplace.  I would come across words not part of my general lexicon during my undergraduate degree; for example, paradigm, abortifacient, … Continue reading To Find the ‘Write’ Word!