HistorianRuby: A Blogging Break

You may have noticed that I have been missing in action as of late!

After my mammoth Blogmas schedule over Christmas, I didn’t feel like I needed a break, I even went history-hunting in central London and Windsor between Christmas and New Year.

However, as I started January with three new posts and one re-jig of a post from last year, the gap between posts became longer and I enjoyed it! And then I thought I’ll leave it another week . . .

That ‘another week’ became ‘let’s take the whole month off!’

Work has been incredibly busy, I have also started a new intense course for work, my family life had me travelling two weekends running and this weekend I’m exploring Kensington Palace with a friend, once again. So rather than blogging taking over my life, I’ve happily allowed my life to take over my blogging this month and that is how it should be!

I may take some time to pick up my previous pace like I said, I’ve a pretty serious course that I’ve to do and I must prioritise that. That said, regular posting will soon resume – most likely once or twice weekly, schedule allowing.

Whilst I’ve been ‘on a break’ my blog stats have ticked over quite nicely and so instead of my usual actions of competing with last month’s stats – I love to quietly challenge myself – I’ve instead gone ‘aaanndd reeelaaaax. . . . .’

I’m looking forward to picking up where I left off and catch up on my favourite bloggers, but at least you all know why I’ve been MIA of late.

Take care,




22 thoughts on “HistorianRuby: A Blogging Break

  1. Those pesky stats. I do that “this month needs to better than the previous one”, too. The first year was easy. The beginning of last year was, too. And then it just started to fluctuate too much. I’m letting it go (or at least trying to).

    P.S. I think of you when I look at my blogging map. I will post it in a few months when my anniversary rolls around and then we can compare.

    Enjoy your time off.

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    1. I feel quite relieved of my WordPress addiction – until I publish the next proper post! For the last week or so I’ve been humming and haaing over explaining my disappearance, but my self-imposed ‘keeping quiet for the rest of January’ would then have been broken and that would never have done!
      It’ll be interesting to compare maps – I’ve told my husband we need to take a trip to Greenland 😉 I’m not sure he’s feeling it . . .

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  2. Lovely to see your post Ruby. I was worried incase WP had messed around with the blogs I follow.
    Life has to be the priority over blogging. But it’s great to read your posts when you do have time. I am sure there will be a lot of great posts in the pipeline after all your visits to historical sites recently.
    Hope your course goes well. Sounds tiring!

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  3. We all need to take a break, good for you. You were missed, but in a kindly way, as in ‘great, she’s taking time out ‘.
    I took a couple of weeks off over Christmas. It felt strange, but I settled into it too quickly. I only post twice a week for my regular blogs, and that’s enough, what with adminning a number of groups, writing my family stories whenever I can, posting re forthcoming events, etc.
    We need to follow my Irish friends advice. ‘Mind yourself’.

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  4. After being gone six weeks myself, I was sorry not to see anything by you in my reader. I’m glad you are taking a break. I sure enjoyed mine, but it’s good to be back, too. I think a break every so often is refreshing. Enjoy!

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    1. I’ve been trying to post since yesterday. WP have been most unhelpful! It’s a guest post – I’ve only written a paragraph but I’ve posted it about half-a-dozen times and all that I get is a title and featured image!
      I’m good thanks. My week’s break has lasted a while! I’ve been doing a course for work and it’s stolen my mojo – you may remember I started a new job towards the end of last year – and this course is integral to it.
      It seems to be the copy and paste function that has failed. I’m going to have to re-write it – thankfully it isn’t a massive essay!
      Thanks for reaching out, how are you?

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