Blogmas: 21 Days of Christmas History Posts

The Articles

  1. Christmas Cards: Circa 1900
  2. Queen Elizabeth II’s First Christmas Speech
  3. Christmas Nostalgia: all I want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth
  4. Christmas Cards: 1905 – 1910
  5. Hampton Court Palace: Baubles, Gifts and Posh Nosh this Christmas
  6. 6 December: the Feast Day of Saint Nicholas
  7. A Forces Christmas Card: 1917
  8. King George V: the First Christmas Speech
  9. Postcards: Jenny Nyström’s Christmas Art
  10. The Hyde Park Serpentine Christmas Swim
  11. The Science Museum: What’s in Their Shop this Christmas?
  12. Queen of the Forest: the Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree
  13. The National Archives: a Selection for On and Under Your Tree this Christmas
  14. The Christmas Coronation of William the Conqueror
  15. Christmas Cards: Season’s Greetings from Edwardian New Zealand
  16. In the News: Lost Bletchley Park Christmas Card Found
  17. Christmas 1950: Stolen the Stone of Scone
  18. George I’s Christmas Pudding?
  19. The Victorian Christmas (originally posted in 2017)
  20. Christmas Day Tudor Style
  21. Skipped Blogmas instead updated @HistorianRuby: Social Media links…
  22. The Royals: Christmases Past
  23. Christmas Cards: the Royal Selection
  24. 25 December 1840, The London Evening Standard: a Report (originally posted in 2017)

I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of posting daily but normal service will now resume! Above is a directory (of sorts) of the articles I published during Blogmas and below is a compendium of all the images used.

The Images

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