The Royals: Christmases Past

With only three more sleeps until Christmas Day here are some pictures of Britain’s royal family’s Christmases past.

I’m loving the vintage vibe of this shot. The Queen is more in focus than Prince Philip (order of precedence anyone?) and as usual, the Queen’s hair is perfectly coiffed and she is wearing a set of her beloved pearls in her ears and around her neck. The couple seems particularly engrossed in a decoration just out of shot. I wonder if it is another of those ‘classic’ Christmas crackers?

Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh looking at their Christmas tree in 1969

The snap below was taken in the Picture Gallery at Buckingham Palace in 1998. The Queen and Zandra Rhodes are enjoying examining the novelty decorations. Note the dainty hanging cracker in comparison to the table Christmas crackers hanging from the tree of almost thirty years earlier. The Queen is still wearing her pearls and is also wearing another jewellery favourite: a brooch. This one is the Jardine Star brooch, perfect for Christmas.

Queen Elizabeth II with fashion designer Zandra Rhodes in 1998

The picture below was taken after the Queen recorded her Christmas broadcast in 2017. This shot has been composed expertly. The tasteful red and gold Christmas tree is reflected in the flower arrangement to the Queen’s left and the gold is also mirrored in the Palace’s opulent decor. The festive candelabra, centre-rear, adds to the splendour of the Palace and enhances it’s Christmas decor royal family style.

Queen Elizabeth II, Christmas 2017



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2 thoughts on “The Royals: Christmases Past

  1. A grand lady, and to imagine she came to the throne just 2 years before I was born. The only monarch I have known in my entire life. I think she is the equal of Queen Victoria and will be long remembered. God Bless her.

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