The National Archives: a Selection for On and Under Your Tree this Christmas

I live a short drive from the National Archives in Kew. Whilst I don’t get to research there as much as I’d like these days, it’s still a great place to explore for unusual Christmas gifts for the historian!

The slender Christmas tree at the National Archives shop


I couldn’t resist this suffragette decoration – it doesn’t go with my theme so it isn’t hanging on my tree (maybe next year I’ll go with red so that it can take pride of place).

Suffragette hanging decoration (£9.99)

There is also this purple ‘Deeds Not Words’ embroidered hanging decoration, in the colours of the Pankhurst’s WSPU. 

Deeds Not Words hanging decoration (£12.99)

Or how about this gloriously coloured Tudor rose? £10.99

Tudor rose (£10.99)

There’s quite a lot of choice if you are looking for historically themed decorations, such as those listed above. There’s also a King Harold in the style depicted in the Bayeux Tapestry £9.99, a medieval Knight £9.99, an Age of Exploration Hanging Globe £8.99 and beautifully embroidered silver and white swans, no doubt influenced by their resident swans.

Swans, the National Archives


Continuing with the swan theme, there’s a beautiful selection of swan gifts: Jim Crumley’s The Company of Swans, a plush soft toy (£29.99) and a delicate silk scarf based on one of their archived documents. (£48.99)

Swan gifts at the National Archives

Not surprisingly, in the centenary year of some women gaining the vote, there’s quite a suffragette collection, including an on-topic Christmas card, with books forming a large part of the display, along with the stocking fillers of pins, mugs and diaries. 



If maps are your thing, there’s plenty of choice with books, globes, a calendar and magnifying glasses filling a table, which to my eyes, looks very much like the masculine corner.


If stationary is your thing, there’s a table full of fun! There are recycled pencil trinket boxes topped with cute cut-down pencils, calligraphy sets and a plethora of stationary needs for the historian.


And for those last minute stocking fillers . . .



Photo’s Author’s own

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