The Science Museum: What’s in Their Shop this Christmas?

I was lucky enough to visit the Science Museum this weekend to explore their fantastic Romanov exhibition. As common with such presentations, there is no photography permitted, so I explored the Science Museum’s gift shop! 

I LOVE a museum gift shop! In a museum, I’m excellent company when in the presence of non-history lovers. I usually have an agenda and go to see something specific and then exit sharpish saying; ‘where’s the coffee shop?’ and ‘where’s the gift shop?’

I usually buy myself a little souvenir of my trip –  often a pen or pencil, because without doubt, the historian will always need to write something down.

With Christmas in mind, I tried NOT to head to the pens and pencils and instead take a look at the unique decorations and gifts that you can find here!

Embroidered Albert Einstein hanging tree decoration (£12.00)

In the Science Museum, you have a selection of decorations and gifts that are predominantly science-y, obviously, but there are also some items with a distinct history flavour. The trick is trying to spot them!

For your Christmas trees

The gift shop had some unusual hanging decorations for your Christmas tree.


You will find this embroidered astronaut decoration for £15.00 along with other space-themed decorations. The embroidered Laika dog hanging tree decoration is also £15.00. Did you know Laika was one of the first animals in space and the first animal to orbit the Earth? I didn’t know Laika’s story until I researched this post, it is a sad one and I’m a little bit troubled to see a tree decoration knowing its history.

Laika hanging tree decoration (15.00)

If space is your thing . . .


Heavenly purple . . .


The space theme continues with a cosmic bauble and a gorgeous jewel coloured sequinned bauble.

Moving further into history, but keeping with the space theme – albeit loosely,  there is also a hanging tree decoration depicting Galileo which costs £12.00.



And sweets just for fun, because after all that brain energy expended on science, you need a little sweet treat to pick you up.

For you to wrap up

How about the Christmas jumper with the science twist? I like that it reminds me a little of a retro computer game and that Father Christmas and his reindeer are understated, yet it is still fun!

Everybody loves to hate a Christmas jumper, don’t they? (£30.00)

Or the t-shirt quoting Florence Nightingale? That’s science and history in one hit! This t-shirt is available in male and female fit sizes and is an affordable £20.00.

This quote t-shirt is a very reasonable £20.00

For you to read (or wrap up!)


And for you to eat, gin and tonic sweets or would you prefer the real thing?


Do you ever watch quiz shows and get stumped on the chemistry questions? The periodic table frequently flummoxes me, this magnetic set would definitely make me feel smarter!


There’s a wonderful mix of gifts for all ages and if you are in London you should definitely take a look as you can find so much more than I have covered here.

And if you do make it there, take a look at the Romanov exhibition – it’s well worth it.



9 thoughts on “The Science Museum: What’s in Their Shop this Christmas?

  1. I love sooo many of these (and can think of people to give everything else to!) I mean, who wouldn’t want a spaceman or space dog on their tree!?

    I don’t think I have ever visited the science museum at Christmas, but I feel like I really should now!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My problem is that I like matching decorations and so I can’t just buy one – and it gets bloomin’ expensive when the decs cost £15 each! Or £50 in the case of the HRP baubles!! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lol you need to embrace the mis-matched christmas tree! 😉

        We often buy one decoration from each place we visit, so ours doesn’t match in any way, shape, or form!!

        Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m glad you did, now I want to put all else aside and head into our Cultural Centre… museum, modern art gallery (GOMA), State Library, Art gallery, cafes, wonderful parkland and riverside walks.. all in one area… and lots of City Cats and ferries to explore the river and other delights along the way.

        Liked by 1 person

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