Hampton Court Palace: Baubles, Gifts and Posh Nosh this Christmas

I’ve been to Hampton Court Palace to take a look at their sumptuous Christmas collection of decorations, gift ideas and luxurious and tempting Christmas treats!

It’s HistorianRuby’s first ever bitofgiftguide but also a howmuchforabauble? chinhitsthefloor sort of post!

I love a bit of royal decadence but thankfully the shop carries budget-friendly gifts as well as items that require a more princely purse.

I’ve bought presents from the shops at Hampton Court Palace previously, they carry unique gifts that you can pretty much guess that no one else is likely to duplicate and sometimes you want to pay that little bit more for a present for that special person.


Henry VIII and his six wives (£55.00) tree decorations

I’ve been tempted by the Henry VIII set several times – I have to say, I’m sure it was cheaper five years ago! But for serious Tudor fans, they are the perfect tree ornaments. These decorations can be bought individually but the set works out better value for money (although . . . if I’d bought one or two a year I might have had a complete set by now). You can also buy an accompanying Elizabeth I to reunite her with Anne Boleyn!


Love, love, LOVE the Queen B collection – there’s lots of choice for the discerning member of #TeamBoleyn and I’ve added something to my wishlist!


These exquisite baubles make me shudder in horror! I like matching decorations and I think I would need at least twenty to make my tree look as I’d wish it to, interspersed with a solid colour contrasting bauble, of course. I’d be constantly worried that they would fall off the tree and smash!

Royal coat of arms tree decoration (£50.00)

Now here’s a decoration that won’t smash if it falls off the tree – however, I think it is a little bit bank-busting if I wanted it to adorn my Christmas tree.



Books – take your pick

If you love fiction or factual, Hampton Court Palace stocks your favourite historian’s efforts. Obviously, there’s Lucy Worsley and Tracy Borman, Historic Royal Palace’s Joint Chief Curators, but also Alison Weir, David Starkey, Phillipa Gregory and Hilary Mantel, who’ve earned their history stripes, too.

A Tudor Christmas – it’s perfect for Hampton Court Palace (£9.99)

I was tempted by this book and two chapters in, I’m loving it!


As I hinted at earlier, I’m a huge fan of this range! I think it offers the perfect opportunity for a little bit of indulgent gift buying for the females on your Christmas gift list.


If your friends and family buy novelty gifts like our present royal family, maybe your secret Santa recipient needs a Hampton Court Palace wooden spoon in their life? Or an oversize egg-timer for a kitchen dunce who needs to learn how to boil an egg? You could be tempted to gift a medieval cookbook to the budding food historian? Or how about some liqueurs that will only be brought out of the drinks cabinet and dusted off when there is nothing else left? I could be enticed to sample the Elderberry and Port Liqueur with my cheese course.

Posh Nosh


There are options for all, whether prince or pauper. I treated myself to a spiced cider sachet as I have happy memories of walking along South Bank sipping a hot cider bought off a vendor. My own effort may not be as tasty, but with a prepared ready to use sachet, I may not make a mess of it! I’m thinking perfect for a present-wrapping session on a chilly evening.


These rich fruitcakes are the quintessential accompaniment to the Royal English Breakfast Tea, but if fruitcake isn’t your thing, there’s Palace Rose Traditional Shortbread. Delicious.


If you like your Christmas desserts traditional, then this pudding is perfect for you! The chutneys are spot on for the after dinner Christmas cheeses and this selection along with the flavoured crackers add a little luxury to your dinner table.


We all like a few sweet treats at Christmas, just right for stocking fillers, neighbourly gifts and a little decadence. I don’t think I’d refuse a Marc de Champagne Pink Truffle, would you?


Images author’s own

This post has no affiliate links and is based on the author’s own opinions and experiences.

12 thoughts on “Hampton Court Palace: Baubles, Gifts and Posh Nosh this Christmas

  1. Every time I visit an HRP property, I always stop at the gift shop haha! I’ve been eyeingup the ornaments for a while but with the exchange rate, most of the smaller ones are a minimum of $40 CAD, though usually closer to $80 😥 They are so beautiful, though, and I will be buying one on my next trip!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My problem is that I tend to switch colour themes every 2-3 years so I don’t want to pay out for lots of decorations that won’t match in a year or two. But I still hanker after the Henry VIII set 🙂 And pretty much the whole Queen B set!


      1. I’m a lazy Catholic but I don’t worry about that, haha! I’ve veered away from the Tudors in recent times and spend more time reading up on the Georgians, but I always felt a sense of injustice in Anne’s beheading.


      2. The Stuarts and Georgians are by far my favourites, both are FASCINATING. I think that there is a sense of injustice for Anne, but then she also let it go to her head and was SO cruel to Mary and Katherine 😓


      3. Yes, Anne had her flaws too, some would say her comeuppance. But then, you could say that about Jane Seymour, too. Although, we just cannot measure what would have happened if she had lived, would H have tired of her or had a second son etc.


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