Christmas Cards: 1905 – 1910

Here’s another selection [box] of Christmas cards dated from 1905 – 1910. If you would like to see cards dated the turn of the twentieth century, click here.

Christmas card dated to 1905 from Queensland, Australia

The above card unsurprisingly has no snow! It’s from a collection archived at the State Library of Queensland, Australia. It depicts the Post Office, St George, Queensland – and its workers and their families? Or are the people in the shot the Post Office’s customers?

French Christmas postcard dated 1907

I love this pretty French card (above), it portrays a fashionable young lady wrapped up for winter weather in her stylish hat and muff, fur collar and gloves. In her arms, she is carrying another symbol of Christmas, mistletoe. In the background, a woman and child, and a small dog can also be seen, however, they are not dressed as expensively and the movement depicted in their costume suggests it’s a windy day. The woman carries what could be foliage to dress their abode. But maybe not, who has better eyesight than me? Any suggestions?

Christmas card dated 1907

This card is one that is strikingly familiar and bears traditional Christmas colours of red and green! A sledge wrapped in ribbon is being gifted to a lucky receiver. It’s a Christmas image that stood the test of time during the twentieth century and similar depictions are still found in the twenty-first century.

French card dated to 1910

The above is a representation of Saint Nicholas from a French card dated 1910, he is in the foreground, standing on a snowy rooftop. Saint Nicholas remains a popular figure in France and other European countries. He is bearing Christmas gifts that are overflowing from his basket to deliver to well-behaved children and is carrying a lantern to convey that he delivers at night when children are sleeping. In the background, you can see the chimneys that he will climb down to leave his presents for the excited children to find on Christmas morning.

Christmas card from Queensland, Australia, 1910

Above is another Australian card sans snow! This sepia-toned card is another from the collection of the State Library of Queensland and is dated 1910. Sadly the location in Queensland is unknown. Do the various fruits represent Christmas fare in Australia one hundred years ago?

What do you think of the slimline Saint Nicholas?

Do you prefer the jolly rotund Father Christmas/Santa Claus that we have today?

Or is this Saint Nicholas, or Sinterklaas just right? 


14 thoughts on “Christmas Cards: 1905 – 1910

  1. The Queensland cards are just so… weird. They could be used for any occasion, it seems.
    I think the woman might be carrying a mini Christmas tree, ooooor, she’s getting ready to swing a branch at that fancy lady up front, whom she believes to be sleeping with her husband.

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