In the News: Swedish Girl’s Exciting Lake Discovery

Like something out of Arthurian legend, in July 2018, an eight-year-old girl on her summer holiday with her family found a 1500-year-old sword that pre-dates the Vikings!

Lake Sword
The 1500-year-old sword found in Lake Vidoster, Jonkoping, Sweden

With drought conditions at the time, the water was much lower than usual in Lake Vidostern, Jonkoping County, Sweden. The young girl found what she believed to be a stick and picked it up, noticing the handle, she headed to tell her father what she had found.

Lake Vidostern, Jonkoping, Sweden

Originally thought to be 1000-years-old, it has now been evaluated as 1500-years-old. Further excavations have been undertaken at the site and a third century brooch has also been discovered, excavations are ongoing.



Images: Jonkoping County Museum

14 thoughts on “In the News: Swedish Girl’s Exciting Lake Discovery

  1. I’ve hear about it. It’s super cool.
    But how does this happen? I mean, why have I never found anything that is such an antique? It’s not like she was the first person to walk into the lake. And such things happen all around us. So weird how that happens. Like the guy whose doorstep is made out of an old meteorite (?)

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    1. It’s never happened to me either . . . 😦
      In the UK Roman artefacts can be found dotted around the country if there was Roman activity nearby. Places such as older homes with land, old churches etc are usually somewhere to watch out for items being used as garden ornaments for example. I’ve seen this watching Time Team (the archaeology show).

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      1. Just as impressive or even more impressive? I would be thrilled to find a fossil. We have a jurassic coast (Dorset area) and fossil finds are famous there. It is on my wish list of places to visit.

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