Woburn Abbey and Gardens

I visited Woburn Abbey and Gardens two weeks ago, on a beautiful late summer Sunday. To reach the historic house, I had to drive through stunning parkland, where deer roam free. Once into the grounds of Woburn Abbey I had the choice to visit the both the house and gardens or just gardens. Of course, I did both.

Woburn Abbey has belonged to the Russell family since the mid 16th century. It is the ancestral home of the Duke and Duchess of Bedford and houses exquisite treasures of British history – including The Armarda Portrait of Elizabeth I, on display in The Long Gallery. This portrait commemorates Elizabeth’s power in defeating the Spanish and is believed to have been painted by George Gower in 1588.

Woburn Abbey and Gardens

The stunning stately home, whose state rooms reminded me closely of the Baroque state apartments of Hampton Court Palace, was originally a monastery. It was given to the Russell family by King Edward VI in 1547. Over time, the house was re-modelled by Henry Flitcroft, Henry Holland and Sir Jeffry Wyatville.

Queen Victoria visited the house for three days in 1841, the Duchess at the time was her friend and lady-in-waiting and had participated in the Queen’s bridal party. The state room that Victoria stayed in is now named Queen Victoria’s Bedroom, which houses the only four-poster bed left in the building. Whilst I would love to share the ornate decoration and detail in each room that I explored, I can’t as there is no photography allowed in the house.

Instead, I took many photos while exploring the gardens, and I share those here.

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  1. Hello, from the Little Mermaid’s October Tea Party! These pictures are lovely. The architecture is beautiful and so is the landscaping. This is the kind of place where I wouldn’t mind staying awhile…it looks so relaxing!

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