A Trip to the Museum Blog Party: a Review

Last week I hosted my first blog party. I’ve participated in a few blog parties over the summer and really enjoyed meeting new bloggers, which got me thinking about hosting my own event, but it would have to fit into my blog’s history theme.

Bloggers who hosted blog parties:

The Little Mermaid


And most recently, The Daily Flabbergast

Indeed, it was with Floatinggold’s block party that I first broached my thoughts out loud on hosting a blog party and its proposed title. Encouraged by Goldie, I went for it! Quite spontaneously, as it happens, for I was working away from home and had two hours before meeting colleagues for dinner in my hotel!

Whilst initially unsure of my event’s reception from the blogging community, I have to say that I think it was a rip-roaring success!

I chose to call it a ‘Trip to the Museum’ to reflect my blog’s theme and feedback from participants has proved this to be a positive theme and title. 

The blog conversation was lively – the engagement was exceptional. This really pleased me. It showed that the Community Pool is dead but the community is alive and kicking! 

I didn’t highlight a post of mine in the comments, instead, I hyperlinked a couple, that may have given bloggers insight into what I was hoping to find. They were only looked at a couple of times. I guess if you are writing about an historical theme, you generally know it and do not need a prompt!


Here are some stats and thoughts from my ‘Trip to the Museum’ blog party.

  • In half-an-hour, I’d received 3 follows
  • It was almost 2 hours before anyone left a link – this made me nervous. Had I overestimated a blog event such as this? My worries were unfounded – I think I just had to wait for my international readers to go online
  • Length 3.5 days – I extended the length by half a day as interest was still strong
  • Stats: the original post was viewed 167 times and the reminder re-blog was viewed 45
  • So you can see this sort of post immediately increases your stats if they are stagnant
  • As host, I read all of the posts and made sure I commented on each offering
  • The above was a little time-consuming so I capitalised on having a weekend free to ensure I was taking my ‘hosting’ responsibilities seriously
  • I also followed a number of new bloggers – and liked blog posts by bloggers I’d never read before
  • I gained 13 followers during the ‘Trip’, yet only two participated, demonstrating an appeal for my blog even if they didn’t meet the criteria
  • I had one of my earliest followers, Jonny at science.casual, email me to tell me that he was going to ‘respond’ to my post with his own history-themed post. What a result!


Did my theme exclude bloggers?

Yes, undoubtedly, although I tried to make it as broad ranging as I could, by inviting family history posts, reminiscences and travel bloggers.

Did I have enough followers to make this a viable offering for my blog?

Yes! I got a lot out of the content and as long as the participating bloggers follow blog etiquette and share the love (which they did) it becomes a win-win situation! I have a lovely cohort of readers and by all appearances and feedback, a great time was had by all!

Would I do this again?

Yes. Although I’m not sure if it should be six-monthly or quarterly as yet. Maybe I’ll set a reminder and see if I’m busy in early December, otherwise, it’ll be March – and that may clash with my birthday!

I had such a lot of fun reading everyone’s posts and thank you to all for making it such a special experience for me!

Would I recommend other bloggers host a blog party?

Of course!

17 thoughts on “A Trip to the Museum Blog Party: a Review

  1. This is a FANTASTIC review of a blog party, you really hit all the benefits of them while encouraging others to be “proper” hosts and hostesses. I love this, I’m sorry to have missed the party though!

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  2. Glad you did this because it was that post that led me to follow your blog – and I am enjoying it. I also was able to find some more interesting blogs to follow. Thanks for the time you gave to this.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Well done Ruby… it was excellent and I followed a couple of the linked blogs too so it helps others. Big effort on your part and I don’t underestimate the effort. If you like another history themed guest post from me let me know!

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  4. Thank you for the shout- out.

    Thank you for hosting this, and giving us the exposure opportunity.

    When you first posted that it would only be open for a couple days, I was disappointed. But I have to say that it felt more royal. I actually gave everyone the chance to be checked out, and not overlooked in the sea of comments.

    I don’t think you excluded anyone. The way you described history was amazing. One could definitely find something somehow related to it on their blog. I really loved the “theme” idea. In fact, if I remember, I might use it next year. My block/ blog parties are annual.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The length was really down to my availability. I work full time and so it is difficult to offer a continual high level of commitment to checking all other blogs out, so a weekend was a must. But also, I had a shoulder operation on Monday, and I was not expecting to be so active on my laptop. It turns out resting my wrists on my laptop and typing does not cause me pain! 🙂
      I can’t promise the output will be of a high qualility though! 😉

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      1. Honestly? Sore. But that should ease up. I had the same treatment for my left shoulder last year so I know what to expect. I’ve been a little nauseous today, so I keep napping. I start physio tomorrow, so that’ll be [not] fun.

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