Suffrage Stories: Save Mrs Pankhurst’s Statue

Please read this important blog post from Woman and her Sphere.

In the year that marks the centenary celebrations of the Representation of the People Act, there has been an application to Westminster Council to dismantle the statue of Emmeline Pankhurst. Pankhurst was the founder of the Women’s Social and Political Union and was at the vanguard of the women’s suffrage movement. Why should one of the few statues that represent non-royal women that we have in Britain today be dismantled or even re-sited?

It is in a site that is near to the Houses of Parliament and demonstrates her importance to the Edwardian political climate and to female agency in general. I will be objecting to this proposed change. Please support Women and her Sphere and follow the links provided to register your objections.

Woman and her Sphere

A planning application has been made to Westminster Council to dismantle this statue of Mrs Pankhurst – which stands as close as possible to the Houses of Parliament.

The plan is to banish this statue to the grounds of Regent’s University, a private university, in Regent’s Park. See the planning application here.

The group behind the application calls itself ‘The Pankhurst Trust’ but has no connection with the other Pankhurst Trust that is working to restore the Pankhursts’ home in Nelson Street, Manchester. Nor does it have any connection with the Pankhurst family. Rather, it is a mysterious group led by a former Conservative MP (for Ilford South), Sir Neil Thorne, whose wife, according to a newspaper report, was walking her dog through Tower Gardens when she encountered Mrs Pankhurst’s statue and, knowing nothing of its history, thought it might be better placed elsewhere.

This statue was funded by the…

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3 thoughts on “Suffrage Stories: Save Mrs Pankhurst’s Statue

  1. Just because she didn’t like the look of it where it had been placed, honestly, all because of one person!!!!! it cost enough to erect the monument who will pay to have it moved I ask, just leave it where it is not doing any harm and it is a part of womens history


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