4 June 1738: the Birth of George III

A fellow blogger kindly reminded me that George III’s birthday fell on 4 June. He was born in 1738 at Norfolk House, 31 St James’ Square, Westminster, London, which was built in 1722 for the 8th Duke of Norfolk.

You can read my earlier post Thoughts on George III, here. It’s a brief overview of all things George III. It was the first post in a series of Thoughts posts reflecting the careers of three other monarchs.

George Prince of Wales later George III 1754 by Liotard
George Prince of Wales later King George III – 1754 by Liotard (Wikimedia Commons)

The portrait above is of sixteen-year-old George when Prince of Wales. This is one of my favourite images of George, he’s young and handsome and looks such a sensitive chap, not at all an arrogant king-to-be. Or is that me being a little bit fanciful?

The portrait below is of the eighty-one-year-old George when frail through ill-health and age.

George III 1820
George III 1820 – Charles Turner(Wikimedia Commons)

The mad ill king lived during his decline in Windsor Castle until his death in 1820.

Below is a Henry Mayer engraving, again from his last years, depicting a very un-regal George.

George III by Henry Meyer
George III – Henry Meyer 1817 (Wikimedia Commons)


Images: Wikimedia Commons

2 thoughts on “4 June 1738: the Birth of George III

  1. I can’t explain it properly but there is some element of his character that seems to be captured across all three of these likenesses. Will head over to read your ‘thoughts’ on George.

    Liked by 1 person

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