Pictures of History: Rosslyn Chapel

Welcome to the second in my new Pictures of History series!

Over the years I’ve visited many historic locations and taken lots of photos alongside other visitors.  I was a little reluctant to share my experiences of these fascinating sites as various amounts of time has passed and potentially exhibits may have been updated.

Rosslyn Gargoyle

However, feedback from other bloggers indicated their interest and so Pictures of History will present favourite pictures from my exploits around the UK! This series is primarily a photo blog, so where possible I will link to an official website for those who wish to explore further.

Rosslyn Chapel 7

I visited Rosslyn Chapel a couple of summers ago. It was on my Scottish holiday bucket list that also included Alnwick Castle (it counts as we had to drive through Northumberland to reach our destination). Alnwick Castle was the subject of my first Pictures of History post.

Rosslyn Chapel 8

Rosslyn Chapel was founded by William St Clair, 1st Earl of Caithness, in 1446. It is famous for being one of the locations in the search for the Holy Grail in Dan Brown’s blockbuster novel and film The Da Vinci Code. This has increased visitor numbers to the site and this helps conserve the chapel for future generations.

I was aware of Rosslyn Chapel and its history long before The Da Vinci Code. Nevertheless, I am by no means a scholar of the medieval and enjoy the history passively and that ensures that whatever I learn I forget very quickly!

Rosslyn Chapel 14

There is no photography permitted inside the small Chapel, hence all my snaps are external shots. The inside is exquisitely decorated with intricately carved stone columns, green men and stained glass windows. I would recommend taking the time to listen to one of their regular talks to learn more about the Chapel and the St Clair family.

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12 thoughts on “Pictures of History: Rosslyn Chapel

  1. Looking forward to more Pictures of History. It might be worth giving the photos captions if you want search engines to find them. Chris

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You’re right. BUT apart from Rosslyn Chapel, I don’t know what to put on them! Most of my scheduled Pictures of History posts have captions. I’ll have to have a think and maybe edit at a later date. 🙂


  2. My other half is from Edinburgh and we visited a few years ago! Lovely to get a reminder of it again. It’s a very special and interesting place and I’d love to go back.

    Liked by 2 people

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