Edinburgh Castle: a Brief Visit

In weather not so surprising for April in Scotland, I visited Edinburgh Castle earlier this week on a cold day that was mostly drenched in fine rain.

Edinburgh Castle sits high at the top of an extinct volcano that boasts impressive views on a clear day. There has been a castle on this site since the twelfth century and it was the home of the Scottish monarchs until King James VI (King James I and VI) took his family to London in 1603 when Queen Elizabeth I died.

The castle sits at the top of the Royal Mile and both times I have visited its been heaving with tourists, even on a miserable spring day like this week.

It’s a grand and impressive entrance to the castle, with multiple memorials lining the run up to the portcullis, a few photographs of which I’ve added to this post.

It was heaven to explore the castle in weather like this – who would have thought castle dungeons could be so welcoming?


Images author’s own.



6 thoughts on “Edinburgh Castle: a Brief Visit

  1. I always find Edinburgh Castle a bit dull, which is why I haven’t been for a long time. I much prefer Stirling, or, even better, anything ruinous with lost of nooks and crannies and spiral staircases!

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    1. It was my first visit inside and it was mobbed – I think the weather had people drawn to an indoor activity. I spent time in the prisons which I always find fascinating. I walked through the Scots Guard museum and didn’t go into the other military museum as to be honest military history doesn’t really appeal to me. The royal rooms were closed and I would have enjoyed nosing around those. The Great Hall is a very masculine space and I do like a bit of ‘froth’ with my history so I can see where you are coming from.


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