Versatile Blogger Award No. 3

I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Jo at Working Mom’s Hustle.
Thank you so much! Jo’s entertaining site is a lifestyle blog and more! I love a good lifestyle blog, it appeals to the nosy person in me!

It made me question the definition of ‘versatile’.
Now I have a niche blog, but can you be versatile in a niche area? Looking at how my blog has developed I’d have to admit that it is pretty versatile. I have 10 categories, of which 9 are history related and I find myself writing from the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries and covering the themes of women’s history, postal history, family history and my previous academic research. I also write the occasional blogging/writing post that prove very popular and I like to share my experience and tips with others.

The rules for accepting this award are simple;
Write 7 interesting facts about yourself
Nominate amazing bloggers for this award

Do I have seven interesting facts to share?

I’m a little boring, here goes!

  1. I have four posts that are regularly picked up by search engines – this does fascinate me! What makes my posts go top of the Google charts?

The Man-Midwife in the 18th Century

The Hidden History of British Post Boxes

Typhoid Mary: The Tragedy of Mary Mallon

Eliza Fenning – A Nineteenth Century Poisoner?

And an extra one that has become popular this month with the centenary of some women gaining the vote in the UK.

Suffragettes and the Post: Pillar Box Attacks in Edwardian Britain

2) I tend NOT to watch historical drama – I prefer factual documentaries.

3) I take lots of photos of water birds whenever I come across them.

4) I also take pictures of deer when I can – I live a short drive from Richmond Park, London.

5) I have an HistorianRuby Instagram account that I forget to use.

6) There was a crazy day when the stats for this post (a family history post, Killed by Enemy Action) went through the roof (but not quite viral!) after being shared a few times on Facebook – I was at the Harry Potter exhibition in London when I got a notification saying ‘your stats are booming’ from WordPress!

7) I fell out of the loft breaking my ribs during the research of the above post and suffered weeks of pain. Writing helped keep me sane.

I nominate the bloggers below! They are both journals of-a-sort and are hugely entertaining. – The Britchy One writing with lots of humour about her busy life. – Aggie Soon about her life in Australia and more contemplative and thought-provoking posts.

Thanks once again for the nomination!

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